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Was she really a witch?
Is it the most funny "Restaurant"?


Witches are also qualified as lymphatic (drainage) massage therapists and spiritual healing counselors.

Lymphatic drainage is a special massage that helps the lymph flow better through the vessels and nodes.

And you can also expect healing effects for your mind and body because of her spiritual healing abilities.

It's a special time to relax in a completely private room ~ ♪

Trial Menu

Hands & Arms

What's is Witch's Hands?

Highly Recommended

Full body detox course

Wormwood steaming, helping the lymph flow better, spiritual healing and get enough healthy japanese food.


wormwood steaming

just sit for  hour but you 

can get 10 effects


- Witch Machiko -

JADP lymph care therapist

JADP facial care therapist

THE WAYOfficial Light healer

Practitioner's profile


After opening a home salon “Relaxation Machiko-san” in 2017, she offers a unique program that combines massage, therapy, and food.

Original vegetable-based cooking, spiritual healing abilities and Lymphatic (drainage) massage.


First come, first served. 


Private room  / Reservation system

the contents other than "Vaginal steaming" are available for reservation on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 to 15:00. but we may be able to accommodate other days, so please feel free to contact us.

If you have a specific date in mind, please make a reservation well in advance.



Hands & Arms

Trial menu

First of all, it is a course where you can experience a witch's hand for a while.

The oil used in the course will be almond oil or argan oil. (It's classy!)

In fact, massage is also compatible with people ♪

​If you have not improved your symptoms with manipulative treatment, there may be something other reason.

hand & arm care

¥1,500 / 10 min


​Drop all the bad things

Full body detox course

Original program for full box detox.

1.Wormwood steaming for 60min

 Sweat a lot to release toxins and absorbs wormwood elements.

2. Lymphatic drainage & Spiritual healing for 60min

  Special massage that helps the lymph flow better through the vessels and nodes.And you can also expect healing effects for your mind and body because of her spiritual healing abilities.

3. Ottamage's special detox lunch

  After removing the toxins of all your body, it's a time to take in the good nutrients! Let's enjoy vegetable-based dishes. Healthy and nourishing.

​ Whole body detox course

Mugwort steamed 60 min

Face & whole body lymphatic oil massage 60 min

¥10,000/150 min

Otamage's Special Detox Lunch



home-made Wormwood

Wormwood steaming

Just sitting for an hour gives 10 magical effects. Improving gynecological problems, beauty, dieting, improving body odor, anti-aging, detoxification, improving hemorrhoids, healing with aroma effects, pregnancy promotion, postpartum recovery....and more.

You can do it while fiddling with your smartphone, reading a book, or eating lunch.

We will guide you to a private room, so please feel free to release toxins from your body and absorb the good elements.

Witches often go to the mountains to pick wormwood and dry it in the sun, so it is a medicinal herb that can be offered at this price.

We would like everyone to get well, so we tried to move as much as possible .

Thanks to the nature of Fussa!

Wormwood steaming 

¥2,500 / 1h

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