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Today's coupon♪

Witch's lunch of today 

witch updates almost every day(please change your name)


The funny owner updates the progress information in idleness.

(I'll do my best....!)

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Funny Japanese kitchen in Fussa

Please laugh afrer Eating

 “Japanese home cooking” x “Healthy Food” x “An another world” = « Ottamage »

 “LAUGHING” is cardiovascular without even realizing. if you laugh 15 minutes a day, you can burn 20-40 kcal more than usual. It’s equivalent to walking in 10min. Another effect is de-stress. When you are laughing, you breathe with your abdomen. Then, Your sympathetic nervous system is dormant and loosen up. We call this “Brain Reset”. When you are laughing so hard, your mind's gone blank at the moment. And then, negative thinking witch the reson for the stress STOP as well. Because of that, laughing has a positive impact to your mind and body!


A Witch Chef "Machiko" who sticks to handmade and another world's designer "Izumi".

Innovative parent and child are making freshly-cooked Japanese home-made meals.


MEALS is essential for life.

Of course It's important that have well-balanced diet everyday but most important thing is the "heart" must also be satisfied. ​

​Eat deliciously in a pleasant space.

That's a REAL healthy diet!


​Aren't you throwing away the most nutritious parts of foods?
Our dressing is made only with vegetables including their skins, leaves, seeds. We have Shark's dishes from Kesennuma as well. "Zero food waste";)

We encourage regular customers to put their own chopsticks in our resto and enjoy their favorite one and even happier meals.

Artistic Chopsticks

ART & healing

When you open the door, it spreads otherworldly space.

Something looking through the window aiming for your meals. haha

Our witches was actually a REAL witch.

​Be happy in body and mind.

fortune telling
Lymphatic massage


9:00-11:00 (LO 10:30)※Month・Tuesday closed

witch's healthy Breakfast.
We prepared Japanese style SET menu and Sandwitch SET menus with full of love. Choose according to your mood today♪

"Witch's special Morning SET" is a volume that you can go for brunch.

If you want to be healed, we highly recommend the vanilla-scented "Witch's French Toast"♪
Equipped with Wi-Fi and power supply seats. Please use it for today's pleasant morning life ♪



wide variety

Abundant magic dishes 

How are you feeling today? Japanese foods? Breads? Sandwitches maybe? "I want to eat something full!" "No, today just a little bit is fine" " I'm tired, I want energy...etc
Any kind of feeling can be fulfilled with the magic of love.

Because the witch is everyone's mom.

The Early Bird

​A pleasant morning activity

It is open happily from 6:00 in the morning.

The early bird gets the worm? I'm sure there will be something good for you today.

​I hope you to start your day with a smile. 


All hand made

Our syrup of the ladle coffee is handmade (Brown sugar)  with the love of a witch.

Wieners or sausages are best much for breakfast! But I'm a little worried that there are many additives.

The witch's handmade basil wiener is additive-free and satisfying to eat. Please try it once♪

Lunch time

11:00-14:00 (LO 13:30) wed / the / fri

11:00-17:00 (L.O. 16:30) sat / sun

"Witch's Health Daily set meal " is an infinite repertoire. 

content : Main dish / 2 side dishes / witch's Japanese pickles / rice (brown or white) / one bite vege plate / miso-soup

Popular among women is the fluffy omelet( Tofu with Egg) and ketchup flavoured brown-rice with chicken. It is Low in calories.
For hard-workers, we recommend "Sho-ga yaki" which is the pork ginger-grilled set meal. Enjoy your great afternoon!

[Over-the-counter sales/takeout/delivery service]

We sell over-the-counter health lunch boxes,
brown rice's sandwiches(glten-free), side dishes, and more.

We also deliver BENTO boxes from 3 pieces.​

Please feel free to contact us.



No refined sugar

We uses as little sugar as possible and offers dishes that make the most of the sweetness of vegetables and fruits. In addition, sugar to use uses cane sugar, brown sugar.


​Gluten-free recommended

We offer a variety of dishes and sweets that use soy flour, oatmeal, okara, etc. instead of wheat.

​ *Because wheat is used in some of the other dishes in the kitchen, it is difficult to prevent all possible contamination. No. If you have serious symptoms, please refrain from using it.


Germinated brown rice recommended

We sprout nutritious brown rice to make it even healthier, and gently cook it. The brown rice petit round bread sandwich is also recommended.

※As soon as it runs out, it will be served with white rice.

Take Out

9:00-up to you *Mon/TueRegular holiday

Freshly-cooked Japanese home-made meals.,

Ottamage's magical flavor that seems to make possible but can't make yourself.

Eat delicious food, laugh a lot, and enjoy the moment.

That is the best shortcut to good health.

I want you to live well and happily tomorrow.



your second home


Whether its good times or bad times, We are always by your side. We are waiting for you with warm dishes everyday.

Witch chef "Machiko" is like your mother.

no MSG

​Special dressing

Sprinkle the VEGETABLES on the VEGETABLES.

No chemical seasonings,

Made with only vegetables

The name is "Witch's dressing".

Full of flavor and love

A mysterious MAGIC.


by our witch

​We prepare meals from scratch every day. Made-to-order, so it's always freshly made.

'Cause we want to see your smile;)


Road to ​Ottamage​


145-4 Ushihama, Fussa City, Tokyo

3 minute walk from Ushihama Station

​ In front of Fussa Municipal Stadium♪

*Parking has not yet been obtained.
coin parking within a 3-minute walk

business hours:
​ [Morning] 9:00-11:00 (LO10:30)
[Lunch] 11:00-15:00 (LO 14:30)
           Week-end - 17:00(L.O 16:30)
[Closed] Monday, Tuesday

Please feel free to contact us for seat reservations, bento orders, and home delivery.





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