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Was she really a witch?
Is it the most funny "Restaurant"?

Ottamage Contents

In fact, Our witches are qualified "healer" in the spiritual world.

Strange owner's skills as a designer of the world are also provided here.

Give devoted to love with all our might.

​Drop all the bad things

Lymphatic massage

Witches who are also qualified as lymphatic massage therapists.

They had opened their own business at home 2 year ago. and they was draining away the accumulated waste of the customers.

The oil used is almond oil or argan oil.

hand & arm care

¥1,500 / 10 min

​ Whole body detox course

Mugwort steamed 60 min

Otamage's Special Detox Lunch

¥10,000/150 min


​Find your favorite one

Custom-made chopsticks with your aura color

The owner( who is the famous designer in the world) will custom-order your own chopsticks that match your personal color .... If she can't find the perfect one for you, she can also make your special own by hand made.


Japan, which used to be a consumer society, is now shifting to an era in which people find "meaning" and "value" in each item they purchase.I would like you eat delicious foods with your favorite Chopsticks.

If you want to do something sustainable for the earth without using disposable chopsticks, it is possible to leave them at our restaurant. (regular customers always have one lol)

My chopsticks 1 set


according to your budget

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